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About Us

c001 is a boutique business consultancy supporting businesses both large or small, from start-ups to corporate’s and focussed on the areas of Business Strategy, Business Planning, Governance and Project Management. Our associates are all experienced business men and women who have worked in a range of businesses from entrepreneurial start-ups to board level positions in large multi-national corporates. The many years of practical experience that we have in business has enabled us to develop a practical approach to all assignments, to apply efficient processes and to focus on the key outcomes that will make a meaningful difference in any business we serve.


Our Products

Business Strategy

Whether you are an established business that needs to review/reset your strategy or you are a start-up that needs to develop a strategy we have proven processes that can facilitate your business strategy development. Get your growth strategy on track by defining a clear future  vision for your business, setting clear objectives and shaping a clear strategic story that you can sell to your shareholders, staff, funder’s, suppliers and clients.

Business Planning

Translating strategy into action is one of the hardest things to do in business. Many a good idea can go to waste if you do not have the proper business planning processes in place. We have extensive experience in developing integrated short, medium and long term plans that are actionable, focused and measurable as well as methods to easily monitor and communicate the plans at hand. We also integrate your planning process with your budgets and resource plans (annual or quarterly) which should give you a view on how well you are performing against your plan with a clear process on how to take corrective action as circumstances change.

Project Management

Project Management is at times a dirty word – too much process, procedure and admin can bring many a project to a slow grind. Our proven project management methodology simplifies matters and focuses on the right things. With the right project structure and set-up many a project can be managed to a successful outcome. Our experience allows us to focus more on the art of managing a project enabling us to optimise and liberate your project resources for project success.


Good governance is essential in any business. Having a solid governance structure from the Board to the Executive to the Management with a clear understanding of the fundamental responsibilities of each of these players in the governance structure is a key requirement to building (internal and external) stakeholder confidence. A good oversight structure and alignment around the roles and responsibilities of each stakeholder group forms the basis of any strong business. Our years of experience on Boards and in Boardrooms has given us an unique insight on what to focus on for effective governance